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What is B. Lucky & Sons?

It’s a neon paradise, the perfect place to blow off steam. Winners, losers — our games don’t disfavour. Welcome one and welcome all.

Peruse our pawn shop and you’ll find a facade for a hidden den of dazzlement and delight. It’s got a nip of neon, a smidge of London Town and a hint of Hong Kong, with fun delivered in spades, it’s the adult playground you never knew you were missing.

Pick your plays wisely, master the arcade games and you might find yourself triumphantly choosing from our trove of treasures.

Do well and doubt not. Every day is fortune-filled at B. Lucky & Sons.

Welcome One, Welcome All

Step into the enigmatic realm of B.Lucky & Sons, where the allure of a neon-lit paradise beckons without the need for prior bookings. No reservations, no plans—just walk in and let the mystique unfold.  

Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a curious explorer, our doors welcome all. Venture further into the shadows of our offerings and discover the secrets of unforgettable parties. If you're considering an event for 10 or more, enquire now to secure your place in the mysterious festivities.

For those seeking to amplify the thrill, weave your own tale of excitement by booking online through Strike Bowling when visiting co-located venues like Entertainment Quarter, Wollongong, Fremantle, and Perth.  

In the hushed corners of B.Lucky & Sons, every play is a step into the unknown, and every visit is a dance with fortune. Join us, tread lightly, and let the mysteries of the arcade unfold. 

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Winners, losers — our games don’t disfavour. Welcome one and welcome all.

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