September 5

Day of fun

Big cause, bigger fun.

On the 5th of September we held our annual Day of Fun and we are VERY excited to announce that we raised $322,864 which has now taken our collective Day of Fun fundraising to OVER $1 MILLION!!

Thanks to all of our guests,suppliers, friends & Motherfunners that helped us hit this massive target! Every cent goes to headspace to provide mental health and wellbeing support, information and services to young people aged 12 to 25 and their families across Australia.

Why we support headspace?

Youth mental health initiatives are very close to our heart. Day of Fun allows people to come together in our venues, have a bit of fun and spend some time with friends.

Each year, a quarter of all young people in Australia will experience a mental health issue. We know there’s great value in young people coming together to do something active to support a healthy headspace.

Can't make it in on the day?

Day of Fun Specials

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Proudly Supporting Headspace

What is headspace?

Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds, along with assistance in promoting young people's’ wellbeing. This covers four core areas: mental health, physical health, work and study support and alcohol, and other drug services.

headspace Online Communities

headspace Online Communities offers young people, family and friends a platform where they can
share and explore helpful mental health resources suggested by the community, providing a low-
barrier, anonymous, safe, and sustainable means of support LEARN MORE

Through Online Communities, young people, families, and friends also have access to clinically
supported Peer Chats. Peer Chats are online, group, text-based chats occurring in real time on
bespoke chat technology, developed by headspace, with inbuilt safety mechanisms. These chats
provide opportunities for the users to connect with “people like me” to provide and receive peer
support from their community.

What does your funding Cover?

$30 - Will help headspace reach even more young people and their families, letting them know about upcoming peer and group chats where they can seek support

$100 - Can help a young person participate in headspace peer-led chats so they can connect with and receive peer support from their community

$250 - Will cover the salary of a mental health clinician for one peer chat, helping headspace ensure all young people and families have a safe experience

$500 - Can support the headspace training program for peer workers around the country to give them the skills they need to do their role safely and effectively.

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